Eliminate Employee Turnover with OpenElevator

OpenElevator is the first platform to use a proprietary algorithm that provides companies with a permanent solution to employee turnover. 

Our platform quickly identifies employees who are at high risk of quitting and provides targeted solutions to ensure they stay with you long term.

From small startups to international Fortune 500s, OpenElevator’s employee retention strategies have helped companies all around the world solve the problem of high turnover.

End the Guessing Game of Employee Retention

End the Guessing Game of Employee Retention

OpenElevator is a data-based solution that uses a proprietary algorithm to solve your biggest turnover challenges.

Get straightforward answers to these 8 critical questions with OpenElevator.

$17 Million: Average Annual Savings Per 1,000 Employees

After partnering with OpenElevator and implementing our employee retention strategies, our clients experience an average annual savings of $17 million per 1,000 employees.

What Our Clients are Saying

Disengaged, Unhappy Employees Cost You $$$.

Disengaged Employee Statistics

Data Source: Gallup

The Benefits of Using OpenElevator

Benefits of using OpenElevator

Data Source: Gallup

Put an End to Employee Turnover in
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Each employee included will receive an easy, 5-minute survey via email.

Survey data meets our proprietary algorithm to answer 8 critical questions via your detailed report.

Sit back and relax while we solve your turnover problem for good.

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