Eliminate Employee Turnover with OpenElevator

OpenElevator is the first platform to use a proprietary algorithm that provides companies with a permanent solution to employee turnover. 

Our platform quickly identifies employees who are at high risk of quitting and provides targeted solutions to ensure they stay with you long-term.

From small startups to international Fortune 500s, OpenElevator has helped companies all around the world solve the problem of high turnover.

End the Guessing Game of Employee Retention

OpenElevator is a data-based solution that provides straightforward answers to some of your most challenging questions.

$77.8 Million: Average Annual Savings With OpenElevator.

Our clients save an average of $77 Million after partnering with OpenElevator.

What Our Clients are Saying

Disengaged, Unhappy Employees Cost You $$$.

The Benefits of Using OpenElevator

Put an End to Employee Turnover in
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