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Frequently Asked Questions

Many of our clients are curious about OpenElevator’s methodology and how we are able to continuously provide our partners with such amazing results. Though the exact methodology of our proprietary algorithm cannot be revealed, the information below offers a detailed overview of how our algorithm and methodology came to be.

Too often employers don’t get the outcome they need from assessments because they’re just too cumbersome. OpenElevator’s algorithm, based on decades on psychometric research, is optimized and designed to be efficient, minimally invasive and maximally insightful. You get unprecedented levels of transparency and predictability for successful, productive collaboration fast, and you don’t need a psychology degree to interpret the results.

Specifically, OpenElevator measures Interpersonal Alignment and Values Alignment. Interpersonal Alignment shows how well two people naturally work together. Values Alignment shows how well what the individual values matches what is offered by the company for long-term engagement.

Strong Interpersonal Alignment matters the most for successful collaboration. In fact, we all intuitively try to assess how well we will work with someone in our hiring and team building decisions. However this is filled with unwanted bias. From how it feels to shake hands with someone to the non-work-related history we have with someone (think: how often good friends start a business together). Unfortunately, the unconscious bias which makes us like people is not a reliable indication that we will work well together.

That’s where OpenElevator’s bias-free algorithm comes in. The algorithm is based on a robust model used in scientific and academic research across various applications. It accurately measures the alignment of individual team members with each person they work with or are going to work with. Now you can leverage this to confidently and consistently build high-performing teams based on data.

While strong Interpersonal Alignment is essential for successful collaboration, Values Alignment is necessary for long-term engagement. Let’s face it, we all make compromises. But when the gap between what is important to people and what they get from an organization is very big, they are unsatisfied, disengaged and looking to leave. OpenElevator helps smart companies know where and what the gaps are, so they can deliver the right incentives – and cut costly programs that don’t make a difference – to reduce the risk of unwanted leavers and increase engagement.

With more than 30 years of research, Gallup studies have shown that 85% of the global workforce is DISengaged from their employer. This costs the global economy a sum of $8.1 trillion, nearly 10% of GDP, in lost productivity each year. For a company of 1,000 employees with an average salary of $100,000, the cost is more than $12 million annually – dramatically impacting a company’s results.

On the other hand, people who are engaged at work are more involved and more enthusiastic. They are loyal and productive and focused on getting things done. And as far as bottom-line impact: companies with high engagement have 3x higher growth, 20% higher income, 20% higher profitability and 147% higher earnings per share versus their competition!

For enterprises struggling to “do more with less,” strong Interpersonal Alignment and Values Alignment is the key to decreasing friction, increasing productivity and increasing long-term engagement. With OpenElevator, maximizing team collaboration for the long-term no longer has to be undercut by sheer lack of transparency.

By combining our proprietary algorithm together with advanced software and complimentary consulting support every step of the way, OpenElevator helps clients tackle the most persistent factors contributing to conflict, underperformance, loss of productivity and high employee turnover.

It’s true! We have been able to consistently provide companies with a 78% average decrease in annual employee turnover. On average, a company that normally sees 500 people quitting per year will only lose about 110 per year after working with us and implementing our data-based recommendations.

Absolutely. For a meaningful sample, we suggest you try this with a minimum team size of 10 people.

Predictive Index tells which individuals are best fit for a position, for example working as an accountant versus a salesperson.

OpenElevator tells you who is the best fit for working with the manager, team and what you offer in the environment for long-term engagement. Employee-to-manager fit is so important it impacts an employee’s engagement by 70%. And this impacts your company’s bottom-line, because employees with low engagement have 20% lower productivity.

DISC tells you where an individual is on a spectrum for specific attributes, including how Decisive, Interactive, Stabilizing, and Cautious a person is. Knowing if a person is high, average or low on all these traits, does not help you easily, accurately, or clearly figure out what that means for who works well together.

OpenElevator delivers, simple, accurate and actionable data on how each person in the team fits with every other person. You don’t need a psychology degree to build your best high-performing team!

Yes. We take data privacy and security very seriously.

The answers to the 5-minute survey questions are not available to anyone. We only present the results of our findings, not the raw data.

In addition, we will never sell your data to any third parties. Not now. Not ever.

The software is scalable. And the support is unmatched. We always assign you Client Consultants to support you every step of the way.

In addition to helping you assess and optimize your existing teams, we can help you hire the right candidate.

We give you three easy options depending on what you need:

  • When you need to select top candidates: imagine a dashboard that allows you to sort and filter for skills and for interpersonal fit with the manager.
  • When you need to reduce the risk of high turnover. Assess your top candidates (those who have the skills to do the job) for fit with the manager. Lack of employee-to-manager fit is the number 1 reason people quit their jobs.
  • When you need to know which candidate will work best with your existing team members. Yes, you can invite external and internal candidates to compare how well they will fit so you can build your most productive teams.

With OpenElevator you can do any of the above, easily.

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